Record of Proceedings December 30, 2021


The minutes of the meeting held December 30, 2021.


Also present were:

          Jim Zimmerman                          Dave Compston

          Matt Compston                           Jim Miller

Mr. Joseph Rabatin called aggregation meeting to order at 6:58 pm.

A motion to approve the December 2, 2021 regular meeting minutes was made by Mr. Blake Meier and seconded by Mr. Daniel Hodge with Mr. Joseph Rabatin concurring.

A motion to approve cancer insurance for the Board of Trustees and Fiscal Officer for $58.00 per year per person for Mr. Hodge, Mr. Rabatin, and Ms. Lewis and for $36.20 per Month for Mr. Miller due to the lower rate policy not allowable for new personal was made by Mr. Daniel Hodge and seconded by Mr. Blake Meier with Mr. Joseph Rabatin concurring.

The Fiscal Officer presented the Board with the December Grassroots Clipping.

The Board approved time off for Mr. Dave Compston December 22, 2021 for sick leave and December 17, 2021 for vacation.

A motion to pass Resolution 23-2021 as follows was made by Mr. Joseph Rabatin

BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of Township Trustees of the Township of EAST UNION, WAYNE COUNTY, Ohio

A Resolution of Approval to amend the appropriations within a fund by modifying the following appropriations from one account to another within the fund:

From:  Account Number                    Amount           To:      Account Number            Amount


1000-110-213-0000    $ 200.00                                  1000-110-221-0000                $ 200.00

Medicare                                                                     Medical/Hospitalization


2031-760-740-000      $ 300.00                                  2031-760-720-0000                $ 300.00

Machinery, Equipment & Furniture                           Building

Total                                                   $ 500.00         

To cover EAP fees and limestone for the salt storage building.       


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A motion to approve the bonds of Mr. Daniel Hodge and Mr. James Miller was made by Mr. Joseph Rabatin and seconded by Mr. Blake Meier with Mr. Daniel Hodge concurring.

A motion to pass temporary appropriations as follows was made by Mr. Joseph Rabatin.

                    General Fund                              $   230,657.00

                    Motor Vehicle License Tax           $     74,600.00

                    Gasoline Excise Tax                    $   345,400.00

                    Road and Bridge                         $   704,250.00

                    Fire District                                 $1,112,640.00

                    Permissive Motor Vehicle             $   112,400.00

                    ARP Coronavirus Relief Fund      $   583,800.00

                    Park Special Revenue                 $     13,000.00

                    Total Temporary Appropriations   $3,176,747.00

It was seconded by Mr. Blake Meier.

A roll call vote was taken

          Joseph Rabatin       YES

          Daniel Hodge          YES

          Blake Meier            YES

Discussion was held regarding Ms. Barbara Biro’s approval for premium pay for Chief Jim Zimmerman due to the following justification for the 2020 hours worked.  Chief Zimmerman stated in an email that he looked at his time sheets for 2020 and between March 15, 2020 he worked 716 hours while he was only scheduled to work 495 hours during that 11-week period that the Township had implemented the 24-hour shift work in an effort to minimize risk and exposure to the personnel.  As a result, his gross pay was impacted by significant overtime as he worked 221 hours more than scheduled for that time period alone.  That special circumstance caused him to work an average of 20 hours per week more than what was scheduled or planned for.

Chief Zimmerman further stated via email that he looked at the entire year.  For 2020 he worked 2,661 hours, but was scheduled to work 2,340.  That is another 100 hours, in addition to the 221 addressed before, that he worked over scheduled, however, it was spread more evenly throughout the year so it did slightly impact his overtime but no where near as significantly.  He just wanted to highlight that considering the allowance of special circumstances justification that was discussed at the meeting regarding premium pay.  2020 was certainly a year of special circumstances and as a result he ended up working 321 hours over what he was scheduled to work in an effort to strategize on securing PPE, meeting with other county officials as well as internal


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organizational meetings regarding Covid, ensuring that CARES Act funds were utilized and increased response to the communities needs in an effort to minimize our personnel’s exposure to Covid.

Chief Zimmerman concluded by stating that in his opinion treating 2020 the same as 2021 as it relates to the maximum annual allowable for the premium pay is not just.  He feels that his justification above is sufficient grounds for declaring a special circumstance for 2020, and therefore allowing for adjustment of the maximum allowable in premium pay for 2020 to match the difference between maximum allowable and his gross income for 2021.

A motion to approve premium pay amounts for Chief Zimmerman of $8,000.00 for 2020 and $5417.10 for 2021 from the ARP Coronavirus funds and to request reconsideration for the Road Department from the Wayne County Prosecutors office to allow ARP Coronavirus funds to provide premium pay to those employees was made by Mr. Joseph Rabatin and seconded by Mr. Daniel Hodge with Mr. Blake Meier concurring.

A motion to approve receipts totaling $33,079.89 warrants 11156 – 11201 totaling $87,321.01 less pass-through training funds of $2,800.00 to the ACVFD for total expenditures of $84,521.01 was made by Mr. Daniel Hodge and seconded by Mr. Blake Meier with Mr. Joseph Rabatin concurring.

The Fiscal Officer was instructed to register Mr. Joseph Rabatin, Mr. Daniel Hodge, Mr. Jim Miller, Chief Jim Zimmerman, Mr. Dave Compston and Mr. Matt Compston for the 2022 OTA Conference.

Mr. Daniel Hodge informed the Board that the Wooster Hospital Board meeting was scheduled for January 26, 2022 at 7:00 pm at the atrium.  Mr. Daniel Hodge will attend.

Mr. Joseph Rabatin asked Mr. Matt Compston, Mr. Dave Compston and Chief Jim Zimmerman if they had any concerns.  They all stated that they did not have any concerns.

Mr. Daniel Hodge and Mr. Joseph Rabatin and Fiscal Officer Valorie Lewis thanked Mr. Blake Meier for his many years of service to the Township.

Mr. Blake Meier stated he would like to thank the resident and people of East Union Township for letting him serve them, first as Assistant Road Superintendent, then as the Road Superintendent for a combined tot of 31 ½ years.  Mr. Meier further stated then as one of your elected Trustees for eight (8) years for a combined service to East Union Township for 39 ½ years.  It was an honor and pleasure to do it.  Thank you all.


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The Board approved the public records and sunshine law training Fiscal Officer attended on behalf of herself and the designee for Mr. Daniel Hodge, Mr. Joseph Rabatin and Mr. Blake Meier.

The organizational and regular meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 7:00 at the Fire Station.

A motion to adjourn at 7:39 pm was made by Mr. Blake Meier and seconded by Mr. Daniel Hodge with Mr. Joseph Rabatin concurring.